Wind alert solution validation

In order to evaluate the behavior of the system in real conditions, we installed a wind alert system in Matca, Galati county.

In April 2019, we measured the wind speed for over 10,000 times, sent over 500 test sms and had 100% running continuity.

We are publishing the gathered date in an open format here.

Starting today, we enter the “production” mode in which we have set the alert thresholds according to the Beaufort scale

Solatic AN-SMS01 – wind alert solution – tests are finished

Greenhouse ventilation is a key factor in plants development due to benefits like:

  • maintaining the optimal micro climate (temperature and humidity)
  • avoid disasters relating to critical temperature limit when plants will die
  • risk reduction in diseases development
  • pollination
  • etc

When using natural ventilation method, wind becomes a threat to the greenhouse’s integrity.

For this cases we have created Solatic AN-SMS01 – wind alert solution which is designed to serve a community.

Solatic AN-SMS01

We have tested the wind alerting solution since October 2018 and after five months of continuous operation we are confident that we can bring a new, reliable and useful concept to the market.

How does Solatic AN-SMS01 work?

The equipment is installed in an area that is most relevant to wind activity, it requires 220V power supply and communications network (wifi internet, cable or 3G / LTE). Solatic AN-SMS01
continuously sends to the server the current wind speed. In case the alert thresholds are exceeded, alerting SMS are sent to the list of registered phone numbers and you can take measures to protect your greenhouse even if you do not have an automated shutdown system as provided in the Solatic complete solution.

Solatic is a modular system that will allow various configurations tailored to the needs and financial possibilities of each farmer!

Work on water control

Water control box – work in progress

We are looking for solutions to provide best solution for water control in your greenhouse. Water control means:

  • control of the electronic valve
  • automatic command – open/close
  • water flow electronic reading

We are testing in the lab solutions which must:

  • be reliable – therefore many tests are already planned
  • have a accessible price tag so will be affordable for our future customers

The current status encourages us that we will succeed in reaching our target to bring on the market a competitive and useful system designed to fulfill the farmer’s needs.

SDU v0.1. prototype is ready

Solatic Display Unit (SDU) v0.1. – from idea, design to prototype and industrialization.
 We are ready with the first version of the Solatic Display Unit – a minimalist man-machine-interface – designed to configure the primary data of the Solatic system. The SDU contains a liquid crystal display and a rotary push-button selector for picking up user commands. The equipment is designed to withstand industrial use.

SDU v0.1.

SPU v0.1. is ready

We are ready with the first version of the Solatic Processing Unit (SPU). SPU has the role of coordinating local activity in line with the SBCA cloud software (back office). We have succeeded to integrate complex connectivity (JTAG, RS485, WiFi, Ethernet) and add computing power to meet the needs of the project.
  In the next period, following the construction of the testing strategy, we will validate the prototype SPU v.01 and in the validation period we will fine tune the stable model that will follow the path of industrialization.